Using Seafile Drive Client

After installing Drive client with the instructions on the download page, you can double click the "SeaDrive" app icon on your desktop to start the Drive client.

You'll be asked to choose a drive letter for the virtual drive. By default, "S:" will be used.

Then you'll be asked to log into your Seafile server.

Drive client login

After successfully log into the server, the Drive client starts to fetch library and file list from the server. The file contents are not downloaded at this moment. So it'll not take very long. You can let it run in the background. You'll be noticed when the fetch is done.

Drive client fetch files

The virtual drive folder will be opened. You'll find it works just like an ordinary hard drive on your computer. The top level folders in the virtual drive are libraries on the Seafile server. File contents will be downloaded when you open a file. Recently opened file will be cached in your local disk. All cached files will be marked with a green tick.

Drive window

The Drive client regularly cleans up unused cached files in the background. You can also limit the local cache space.

Drive cache settings

You can log into multiple accounts in the Drive client. However, only files on the current selected server will be shown in the virtual drive. You can switch among accounts.

Drive client accounts


1. Why can't I create new files or delete folders in root folder?

The root folder of the virtual drive contains only library folders. Seafile can only sync files inside libraries. Files in the root folder cannot be uploaded to Seafile server. So it doesn't make sense to support creating files in root folder. Since the top level folders in the virtual drive represents libraries, we don't want users to delete their libraries by mistake. So the Drive client doesn't support deleting top level folders.