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About Seafile

Seafile is an open source enterprise file sync and share platform with high reliability and performance. Seafile provides similar feature set to Dropbox, Google Drive and Office 365, while it allows users to host the server on their own hardware. The core feature of Seafile is file sync and share. It provides client apps for most operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android. It also provides a user-friendly web interface for accessing files in a web browser.

Technology and innovation are always the driving force for the development of Seafile.

Back to October 2012, Seafile was at first released as an efficient and reliable alternative to cloud storage services such as Dropbox. With its amazingly fast and reliable file syncing capability, Seafile attracted an active user base in the next few years. It quickly became one of the most popular on-premises file sync&share solutions.

In 2016, we realized that, given the ever faster network and still limited disk space on desktop computers, it will be very useful to allow users to access files on the cloud without syncing them to local disk. With this insight, we developed and released the Drive client for Seafile. It maps Seafile cloud storage as a virtual drive on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Similar features were then released by leading cloud storage services including Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, in 2017. Up to the year of 2019, Seafile is the only on-premises file sync&share solution that provides this capability.

Since 2017, Seafile extended its feature set to online document collaboration. It integrated with Microsoft Office Online Server, OnlyOffice and Collabora Office. It allows users to work on the same document together directly in the web browser.

In June 2019, Seafile 7.0 version added knowledge management capability. Users can save Wiki documents in Markdown format directly inside a library. Other types of files can be saved alongside Wiki documents in a library. Such organic combination of Wiki and Cloud Storage removes the limitation on attachment size in traditional Wiki systems. Wiki documents can be conveniently edited in web browser with a WYSIWYG Markdown editor. Full-text search, file tagging, related documents, document review features are included to make knowledge management very efficient.

Up to 2019, Seafile has over 2,000,000 users worldwide. It is also used in large organizations and commercial companies like University of Mainz and Kaspersky Lab.

Seafile Ltd. - Main Developer of Seafile

Seafile is developed by a group of experienced experts on storage, distributed systems and web technology from Seafile Ltd.. Seafile Ltd. is a leading cloud storage software provider with headquarters in Beijing, China, locating at the technology innovation hub of Beijing. Seafile was founded at 2012 by its CEO Daniel Pan and CTO Jonathan Xu.

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