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Seafile is an enterprise file sync and share platform with high reliability and performance. It is designed as a reliable cloud file storage and collaboration platform. Seafile provides similar feature set to well-known cloud storage software, while it allows users to host the server on their own hardware. The core feature of Seafile is file sync and share. It provides client apps for most operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android. It also provides an user-friendly web interface for accessing files in a web browser. The community edition of Seafile server is 100% open source.

Seafile Ltd also provides an Professional Edition of Seafile server for enterprise, public sector and research institutes customers. The professional edition is based on the open source community edition. It includes all features in the community edition and provides advanced features for professional use cases.

Seafile is designed as a reliable storage software. Data safety has the highest priority. We put more effort on designing a robust syncing alrorithm to make your data safe. Features like snapshots also help to prevent data loss. With three years polishing and used by hundreds of thousands of people, Seafile's syncing algorithm is quite stable and reliable.

Currently, Seafile has over 1,000,000 users worldwide. It is also used in large organizations and commercial companies like University Mainz and Kaspersky Lab.

Seafile community edition contains multiple components and are released under various open source licenses. Seafile Professional Edition server is released under proprietary software license by Seafile Ltd. Seafile Ltd owns the copyright of the Professional Edition.

History of Seafile

Seafile comes from the idea of easily sharing files among a number of users. It began 7 years ago in the middle of 2009 when we were still students in Tsinghua University in Beijing. Our first attempt was to write a P2P file syncing system where no central server is needed, just like BTSync do. Later when we wanted to add collaboration features (such as groups) to Seafile, we realized that it's better to introduce a centralized server. Since then Seafile's features become more similar to other popular cloud storage software.

In early 2012, the developers decided to start a company around Seafile and work on it full-time. Seafile Ltd was founded at March 2012 in Beijing. Daniel Pan acted as CEO and Jonathan Xu took the CTO role. A few core developers also joined the company as initial employees. We released Seafile community edition and desktop syncing clients as open source software at October 2012. The initial release drew a few thousand early users. With the help of this community members, Seafile became more and more popular in the open source community.

In the second half of 2014, Seafile Ltd started to release Professional Edition Seafile servers based on the community edition. We got our first large customer -- University of Mainz from Germany, at the beginning of 2015. Since then more and more research institutions and commercial companies bought the professional edition.

As of today, Seafile has become one of the most popular open source cloud storage solutions in the world. More than 1,000,000 users rely on Seafile to sync, share and collaborate on files. And Seafile Ltd never stops innovating. We're continuously working on cutting-edge technologies in the cloud storage area.

Seafile Ltd.

Seafile Ltd. is the main developer of Seafile project. It was founded by Daniel Pan and Jonathan Xu in 2012. Seafile Ltd. is based in Beijing, China. Most of its developers work in Beijing. The company's majority shares are currently held by Daniel Pan, Jonathan Xu.

Besides maintaining Seafile community edition, Seafile Ltd. also provides its worldwide customers with Seafile Professional Edition. Our customers now spread around the globe, including Germany, France, Finland, United States, Canada, Russia, Poland and China. Seafile Ltd.'s partners around the world also help to provide excellent local supports to our customers.

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