Open Source File Sync&Share and Document Collaboration Platform

Seafile is an open source file sync and share platform, focusing on reliability and performance. Seafile's built-in collaborative document SeaDoc, make it easy for collaborative writing and publishing documents.

Seafile Features

Comprehensive Cloud Storage Features

Seafile offers a comprehensive set of cloud storage features, allowing users to store, manage, and share files within the Seafile platform. It supports various file types and provides clients for multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. This enables users to effortlessly access and manage their files on any device, providing a unified and seamless user experience.

Powerful Sharing Collaboration

Seafile's collaboration features go beyond simple file sharing. It supports online document editing and file locking, as well as providing permission management, version control and event notification, making teamwork more fluid, controlled and efficient.

Stable and Reliable File Sync

Seafile is renowned for its reliable file synchronization and data integrity checks, earning the trust and validation of millions of users. Whether you're an individual or a team, you can confidently use Seafile for file sync without worrying about data loss or corruption.

High Performance

Seafile boasts rapid file synchronization speeds, allowing users to sync tens of thousands of files within a minute. Simultaneously, the server exhibits low hardware resource consumption, ensuring efficient system operation and responsiveness. This makes Seafile suitable for enterprises of various scales.

Integrated Collaborative Document Editor

Seafile features the built-in collaborative document editor, SeaDoc, enabling users to collaboratively create, manage, and publish high-quality documents directly within the Seafile platform. Team collaboration becomes more convenient and efficient, allowing multiple users to edit documents simultaneously with real-time synchronization updates.

Your Data Safety is our First Priority

Building a highly efficient and reliable file syncing product is not a trivial task. Seafile's data model and syncing protocol are purpose-built to implement fast and reliable file syncing. Thanks to this design, Seafile can sync 10 thousand small files within 1 minute. With more than 10 years real-world usage by over 1 million users, Seafile has become very stable and reliable. File histories and library snapshots allow you to easily restore any file or folder in the history.

Trusted by thousands

Over 1 million users. Used by thousands of teams, companies and organizations worldwide.

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