Seafile partners

Our partners can provide local help on setup and using Seafile.

Primary partners

Country Company Detail
Germany datamate Service GmbH
datamate is Seafile's main distribution partner in Europe. Based in Mainz/Germany, datamate offers the complete suite of support services including installation, migration, upgrade, and customization as well as integration using Seafile's APIs. For smaller organizations, datamate also offers easy-to-use packaged Seafile solutions including hardware and installation. Please contact the datamate team in German, English and French at (datamate is the successor company of ionas - Ihr Online Assistent.)
datamate regularly publishes video tutorials on its YouTube channel ranging from basic topics such as Seafile installation and upgrade to more advanced topics such as 2-factor-authentication and Seafile setup with Amazon S3 as a backend. (The videos are in German.)

Support partners

Country Company Detail
China, Taiwan IBB - I&C Technology Co.Ltd.
IBB is a Sino-German IT System Integration & IT Service Company with more than 14 years' experience in China and Offices in Beijing and Shanghai. IBB is offering Office IT Solution as Managed Services including local- and Cloud-Data Storage.
Germany Jemix GmbH
Jemix GmbH has been providing Seafile related services to government agencies, large and medium sized companies for over 4 years. They are proud to offer a full range of product installation, technical support, hosting services, project maintenance and training services, as well as custom solutions for B2B clients.
Germany Mars Solutions
Mars solutions GmbH provides Seafile Pro Hosting located in Germany in an ISO 27001 certified environment among other data center driven solutions and cloud services.
Singapore ACMEFocus
ACMEFocus is a Singapore - Malaysia company that provides financial applications and IT services to assist companies to increase productivity. With more than 10 years of experience, we offer a one-stop IT solutions for all type of businesses.

Hosting providers

Country Company Detail
Germany Your Secure Cloud
Your Secure Cloud provides Seafile Professional Server for Organisations and private customers in a hosted environment in German data centers.
Germany luckycloud GmbH
Luckycloud GmbH offers encrypted cloud storage and protected Webmailing with luckyMail.
Asia Pacific/China NiHao Cloud GmbH
NiHao Cloud provides Seafile Professional version as SaaS service for organizations and private customers in a hosted environment in Amazon AWS. NiHao Cloud focuses on cross-border connection to Mainland China & Global file access.